The Wash Box by PolymerFuZion

Introducing the WashBox!

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Rollers - Video is down for maintenance, please check back later.



Clean brushes / rollers easily

Simply position over the drain, turn on the tap and rub the brush or roller over the ribs until clean.

Protect your sink from paint

Whether you are a contractor in a client’s home, or painting your own, the WashBox keeps cleanup to a minimum while providing complete protection for your sink.

Store your brushes

Let brushes dry in the WashBox after being cleaned, then store everything away using the WashBox as a convenient container.

Clean up with less water

The innovative rib design agitates the paint from the bristles or roller cover faster than conventional methods. Moreover, no water is needed to clean the sink afterward.


Even though I've painted and/or stained at least 2-3 projects every week for years now, I used to be terrible about cleaning my brushes -- sometimes even buying cheap ones so I could throw them away after a single use. I LOVE that my WashBox makes it so easy to clean up brushes and rollers in between projects, and now I can buy quality brushes since cleaning them is easy. I use the WashBox multiple times a week, and often leave my clean brushes drying in it until I'm ready to use them again. Even when I use the WashBox in my white powder room sink, there are never any paint streaks or stains because the water is clean when it drains through the bottom. Absolutely a must-have tool for anyone who paints or stains!

Heather Laura Clarke
DIY blogger/columnist

Just wanted to let you know that I've had the opportunity to use the Washbox - it works beautifully!! The brush cleaned up in no time at all. I feel the grids are incredibly beneficial. Another observation is that the bucket is just the right height to avoid paint spattering up and over the top, even with a fairly aggressively swoosh of the brush back and forth, the paint and water stay in the confines of the bucket. I do all of my own internal painting as well as assist friends and family, and the Washbox will definitely save me a lot of time while also protecting the sink. Thanks!

Deb V.

I had a good opportunity to try the Washbox initially as it was in a house that didn't have a set tub. The cleaning of the brushes therefore had to be done in the kitchen sink, and it worked perfectly. I was pleased with the roller cleaning on the ribs, and discovered it even faster to clean when I removed the sleeve from the roller and did it by hand against the ribs with the water spraying directly on the roller. The brush cleaning was a great improvement over the traditional method. Thanks so much for the Washbox, it solves the ongoing problem of potentially tarnishing a household sink and makes my job easier.

Jim P.
Painting Contractor